Essential gas services for businesses

Frying Pan and smoke on BurnerGas offers businesses a viable way of being greener that is both cost-effective and efficient. At Gas Action, we understand your needs, concerns and budgetary constraints and ensure to meet them from initial consultation through to installation.

Gas Heaters

Efficient gas heaters allow you to keep your entire premises warm during winter without incurring excessive costs. These units are great for both offices and larger commercial premises. Every unit we install is carefully matched with your needs and budget.

Gas Hot Water

Our expert gas fitters can accurately assess your building’s water needs and install a system that is guaranteed to be cost-effective and efficient for years to come. Prior to installation, one of our expert gas fitters will sit down with you to discuss your hot water needs.

Gas Cooktops

Whether you are a small café or a hectic commercial kitchen, our gas cooktops provide you with a cost-effective and reliable method of cooking. Even with heavy usage, our units are guaranteed to last, delivering the same even heat to every dish cooked.

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Gas Action was established in 2004 to meet the growing demand for quality gas services in South East Queensland.

Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from our experienced, hands-on approach – guaranteeing installations that are safer and more efficient than the rest.

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