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Your local leader in gas services in South East Queensland

Safe, clean and incredibly versatile, gas is the best source of heat on the market. At Gas Action, we have dedicated ourselves to supplying homeowners and businesses with everything they need to stay warm and keep cooking.

With our help you can efficiently heat your caravan, pool, business or home with minimal impact upon the environment. Every product and installation we provide is backed by our reliable expertise and 16 years' industry experience.

Receive incredible value for a fair price by investing in gas services today. Call us on 1300 GAS FIX (427 349) to discuss your gas needs with a Gas Action specialist.

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experts in gas services

Gas Action was established in 2004 to meet the growing demand for quality gas services in South East Queensland.

Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from our experienced, hands-on approach – guaranteeing installations that are safer and more efficient than the rest.

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  3. Best possible price, guaranteed

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Domestic Gas

Essential gas services for homeowners
Gas offers you, the homeowner, a chance to cut down your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. No matter what the purpose, gas is entirely safe, natural and efficient, and can be promptly installed. In no time at all you will see the difference in your power bills and feel it in your water.

Commercial Gas

Essential gas services for businesses
Gas offers businesses a viable way of being greener that is both cost-effective and efficient. At Gas Action, we understand your needs, concerns and budgetary constraints and ensure to meet them from initial consultation through to installation.


Caravan Gas

Stay warm during long nights on the road with gas heating
When travelling from town to town, you want be certain that you have access to safe and reliable heating. Gas Action offers essential gas installation services for caravans, ensuring that you stay warm and cosy all throughout your journey.